Badger Rock Bouldering

Well, we took my new bouldering mat out for its first test drive, on holiday in the Lakes and inspired by walking past the Badger Rock boulder near Kentmere last time we where in the Lakes we set off for a day of bouldering.

This turned up a number of facts:

1) Badger Rock is flippin massive – at least to me it was. Almost all of the problems could be classified as highball in my opinion.
2) The landings at Badger Rock are really bad – not sharp, but on about 45 degree angles, meaning you might land on the mat but then roll half way down the hill – thats if the mat will stay still long enough and not slide itself!
3) Either the grades in that Topo are really hard or I can’t boulder for toffee (more on this later but I think its the later)

Anyway, we kept going for a bit, managed about 1 V0 problem (problem 20), chickened out on the crack on the north face (problem 19 – an easy!)

Complete washout!
Check out Lakes Bloc for topo guide.

MSDN in Firefox fecked!

Scott on Writing

At last an answer the problem I have been having with MSDN recently inside Mozilla Firefox 0.8 – and hopefully the guy’s issue will be raised to the right people and it will be fixed.

At least its not just me!

New version of FxCop

There’s a new version of FxCop been released – v1.30. Looks very nice, although there is some debate ongoing about some of its new performance rules.

Also it now nolonger locks the assemblies its analysed – a feature long in the waiting for!

On the other hand there is a small bug where you can no longer click on the code link to go straight to the code if there is a space in your pathname – very annoying and a fix is due to be released (soon I hope).

FxCop Team Page

Microsoft releases open source product

Is this a first? Microsoft have released one of their internal development tools as an open source product, on SourceForge no less.

The tool is an XML based Windows Installer (MSI) creation tool, used internally within Microsoft by a hell of a lot of people, and it has now been released into the wild.

I look forward to trying out this product and seeing what it can do for me, should be interesting.
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Whidbey Community Technology Preview – Part I

Finally got it installed, so am going to go over some things I notice and like/dislike.

Firstly, I didn’t get to have a look at the PDC version of Whidbey, so I don’t know what differences there will be between that and this.

Secondly – its a pre-beta version, or alpha, so I don’t expect everything to be all lovely.

Thirdly – I’m running it under Virtual PC so I’m not going to comment on performance, as its slow to start with.
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