Welcome to the climbing section

We’ve just started rock climbing, although without the rock so far…

We’ve been climbing now for about 2 months and have to say we are enjoying it much more than I would have imagined. We sometimes go to our local climbing wall in Sunderland 3 times in one week! I hope one day we’ll progress outdoor, but for now we are quite happy to get better indoors (especially as the weather is not brilliant).

As an added bonus it has been an amazing motivator for me to get fit and lose weight – 1 stone lost and counting…

.Net to J2EE Tool

There is a new tool to take .Net developed modules and convert them to the Java bytecode for running inside a J2EE environment.

I suspect that any code developed for this tool would have to be developed specifically for it, so I don’t quite see the benefit to be gained as opposed to just writing it in Java in the first place. I also suspect its only deployable on Windows app servers anyway, but I might be wrong about this.

Whatever the case it certainly adds a new angle to the current influx of J2EE and .Net integration products.
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