Weekly Tweet Update 03-01-2013

Weekly Tweet Update 11-10-2012

Weekly Tweet Update 13-09-2012

Weekly Tweet Update 16-08-2012

Weekly Tweet Update 09-08-2012

  • Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer 1.0 Released – Another tool to look at adding into my development pipeline. http://t.co/JMnPu9v9 ->
  • Exiting a batch file without exiting the command shell -and- batch file subroutines – Batch file subroutines?… http://t.co/Ll4wdC6J ->
  • NCrunch for Visual Studio – Loving this wonderful tool for unit testing http://t.co/tTPcCdCM ->
  • Productivity vs. Guilt and Self-Loathing – Scott Hanselman – Something I agree wholeheartedly with. http://t.co/ma443pAe ->

Weekly Tweet Update 02-08-2012

Weekly Tweet Update 19-07-2012

  • SQL vs. NoSQL: Which Is Better? – Description says it all really. http://t.co/zplE9hmn ->
  • Creating Metro style apps that stand out from the crowd – Windows 8 app developer blog – Site Home – MSDN… http://t.co/ZWybarcg ->
  • .NET Rocks! The State of Agile – And to finish off the mini-series, the state of agile panel discussion from… http://t.co/K7mTyBSm ->
  • There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. ->