New year thingies…

Quick post on some things I’d like to do this coming year…

• Finally update my British trees app and Xkcd app on windows phone.
• Learn a new programming language, perhaps F#, and possibly use project Euler to do it.
• Use githib more.
• err, post more on here?

Oh, well, we can but hope :D

Update: couple more…

• Use my windows azure account for something.
• Release v4 of flickrnet

FlickrNet library 3.7.0, and TeamCity

Great news, after just over a year there is a new version of the FlickrNet library. Unfortunately this release only contains a few bug fixes, and isn’t the new Windows 8 version I had hoped for, that is still in the works.

So the newest version if 3.7.0 (was going to be 3.6.0 but I got the next little feature released as well). We now have the two Camera* methods for listing camera models, and the two new image sizes, Large 1600 and Large 2480.

The best bit of this is that I installed TeamCity on my PC last week after getting it working at work. So I now have continuous integration working the the FlickrNet project, and can deploy to NuGet with one button click.

I’ve also set up a GitHub repository for my experimentations with the Flickr library. No code there yet but I hope to get something in there in the near future. This is both an experiment on using T4 templates to generate the Flickr.* methods based off an XML file, so that different platforms can be supported easily, and also an experiment in the use of Git :)

Wackylabs is 10 today

Cor-blimey, 10, where did the time go.

I don’t think the web site actually contains any posts from back then – I don’t think I was using WordPress at the time (MoveableType springs to mind, and possibly before that static pages generated from Blogger or even using Dreamweaver).

Well, he’s to another 10, and to hopefully posting some more content soon.


IEnumberable.Max and Nullable types

Came across an interesting little snippet of code today.

This simply returns the maximum value of the “Value” property in the list. However there is a possible problem with this code, depending on the type of Value and the number of elements in the list.

If there are NO elements in the list and Value is NOT nullable (e.g. it is an Integer) then the above will throw an exception.

If there are NO elements in the list and Value IS nullable then it will return NULL.

If the list is empty and Value IS nullable then the above will also throw an exception.

If the list is empty and Value IS nullable then the above will return 0.

Image widths in emails

While hacking around trying to include some images in an email I was trying to set the height and width of the IMG tag. This wasn’t working at all (which I had read about) but then I put the images in a table with a cellpadding and all of a sudden the images are being resized.

Not sure why that is but thought it might help anyone trying to do the same thing.

<table cellpadding=”1″>
<tr><td><img width=”100″ height=”50″ src=”” /></td></tr>

Note: Only really tested in Outlook 2010, so might not work in other email clients.

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