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A while ago I took a photo of a bit of chalked graffiti in Newcastle. There is an old alley (one of a pair) that leads off Pilgrim Street and down to Carliol Square. The chalk graffiti reads “Secret Entrance”, with an arrow. Aside from the fact that the alley provides a perhaps little know short cut there is (as far as we can tell) no secret entrance to be found. There is an old gated door further down the alley but this is less of a secret, and more of a mess.

 Secret Entrance
Secret Entrance

Secure Rubbish
Not Very Secret Entrance

Since I uploaded this photo a group of mad newcastle residents have taken this alley, and its chalkyness to their hearts. From what started as my own secret alley has now become a haven for random scribbles and flickr-esque nonsense.

I blame this man!

Since the day he first posted, suggesting that other Flickrites should add their own contributions things have not been the same. The wall is now awash with glib graffiti of the most nerdy type, with flickr names being banded about with little regard for anyones safety.

So far we have the following namechecks (in no particular order): brendada, babyspark, Gentilelikeafrog, Failed Hetrosexual, mafleen, Akuppa, and most recently snood. I’m fairly sure more have, or will soon add to the wall as well.

Some pictures of progress so far on the wall:

New Game
Two games of Noughts and Crosses (By various players)

Someone spotted Pig 2,982
A Pig (by Akuppa)


We even have our own on-going mystery – a photo of someone taking a photo of the flickrwall, and we still don’t know who it is…

Secret Snapper

Well enought from me, if you live in Newcastle come down and chalk (we leave some hidden nearby), otherwise just enjoy our small slice of Flickr community.

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  2. I’ll have to remember to add to it when i’m in today….
    i’m not sure if free chalk is really suitable for writing in, but hey…..

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