Flickr Screensaver 4.0

Finally, its here!

Flickr Screensaver version 4.0

Loads of brand new features

* it now uses the new authentication methods
* image refresh times in 15second intervals (0.25mins)
* new ‘postcard’ optional format (actually just coloured border) with optional rotating of image
* enhanced enlarging of small images to fill the screen (Fill Screen checkbox on options page)
* optional Proxy configuration
* See most recently shown image and link back to Flickr from screensaver config screen

[Download](/flickr/flickr-screensaver “Flickr Screensaver Download Page”)

17 Replies to “Flickr Screensaver 4.0”

  1. Awesome. My favorite toy in the world.

    I just happened to click through and noticed you switched your templates around. Unfortunatly you use the exact same template that I do. But check out my header anyway, uses the FlickrJS library to pull images (After a short delay).

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Very nice. I have been waiting for the update that handles firewall proxies and it works very well.

    I did get an exception today in which the ThreadPool object was complaining about running out of free threads. I had the photo size set to large, the delay between photos set to one minute, and I was running across a fairly slow network connection to the Internet. Perhaps there were too many simultaneous downloads of photos happening. I increased the delay between photos to five minutes in the hopes that this would avoid the problem.

    Thanks for a very nice program.

  3. I can’t seem to get it to work right…and I was wondering if you could help. I initially installed in the wrong directory (didn’t see your old post about it needing to go into the system32 dir until later), so I uninstalled it and tried the right directory. But it still acts funny. It never remembers settings, will only run if I do in “preview,” and gives me an error the rest of the time.


  4. I like your screensaver! Quick question though – can you add ‘origianal’ size to the list. All of my photos are uploaded at 1280 size, so the list of sizes jumps straight from ‘medium’ to ‘original’, As a result, your screensaver only downloads the medium size (500×333) :(

  5. I tried to upgrade to the flickr screensaver 4.0, but I think this machine is not up to it…were can I redownload 3.2?? Best, Scott

  6. Thanks for putting up the 3.2 version…we’re 95% there, but the link is pointing to the wrong location at the moment

  7. Thanks for the great program! For some reason I can’t get the Picture source to be anything other than “Sam Judson”. When I set it to “Everyone”, it resets itself back. No offense, you seem like a nice sort of fellow, but I’m getting kind of tired of your pictures displayed over and over,

  8. Great stuff. I was hoping there would be something like this.

    I’m running this at work and I’m hoping all these images are cached? Or at least your own photo’s and favourites are cached since they won’t change very often.

  9. Lethes: yes, everything it displays is cached (24 hours for API calls, longer for photos).

    Matt+Ron Barr: Oh, thats not good. Err, I’ll have to give that a thought. I might have to develop a little test app, can one (or both) of you email me and let me know if you’re willing to give it a go?

  10. Cool application! Thanks for making it!

    I have a question about what the app displays. For me(just installed it) I am only see up to a certain amount of photos and then it stops. Also, it keeps showing the same exact photos over and over and I have many more in my Flickr account and the ones that are displaying I have deleted. You say everything is cached for 24 hours, does that mean 24 hours later the app will start to cache/display a different set of photos from my Flickr account?

    Thanks again,

  11. Wicked googly screensaver! I have one small problem though. Most of my Windows PCs are set up to not run in permissive mode, i.e. the normal user accounts are set up as “Limited” accounts. Any account that is a “Computer administrator” can use the Flickr screensaver, but “Limited” accounts don’t even show the Flickr screensaver in the list of screensavers on the Display Properties dialog. Any ideas about how to fix or work around this?

  12. Additional information: I tried promoting one of my user accounts to “Computer administrator”, installing Flickr Screensaver, and finally demoting the user back to “Limited”. That made the screensaver show up in Display Properties but when it tries to run it gets the following error:

    The application has performed an exception. Please report to Sam Judson (
    A generic error occurred in GDI+.

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