Flickr.Net Gallery Web Control

I’ve been working on some .Net web controls to place Flickr album-like controls on ASP.Net web pages. This is my first proper release of the code to let anyone who is interested play along. You’ll need a copy of [Flickr.Net API]( and the following visual studio project (which includes a debug .DLL).

You can see a example page on [this]( web page.

To use, include the dll in your project, and add to your toolbar, then drag and drop onto the web form and change the properties in the property viewer.

Optionally include the following in your HTML page if doing it manually.

At the top register the control:

< %@ Register TagPrefix="cc1" Namespace="FlickrGalleryControls" Assembly="FlickrGalleryControls" %>

Then put the following wherever on the page you require the control:

As you can see I’ve set some of the properties of the album control here, but most are optional.

Let me know what you think.

Update: Fixed the download link above.

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