Goodbye Durham

Goodbye Durham

Goodbye Durham, originally uploaded by iambigred.

Not many people will know this, but I moved up to the North East in 1987, to Durham. I lived there for 2 years, and carried on attending school there for a further 3 years, till I left for university.

I have some wonderful memories of Durham; the half price trips to the cinema on North Street (I specifically remember The Tall Guy and Child’s Play for some reason, probably because they where 15s and I wasn’t :) ), fish and chips from Bimbi’s, and Canoeing on the river near the Wear. (not far from this photo). We used to know the people who lived in the pink house on the wear, and that was a wonderful place to visit.

The river was very much a part of our lives – we lived about 30 seconds from the path that wanders behind St Oswalds, along and down around the river. My Nanna even has her ashes scattered from Prebends bridge.

I really don’t go back to Durham enough, and when I do its to all the wrong parts, and usually on a Saturday when its too busy! I need a day just wandering through all my old haunts, to recharge the old batteries (and to take some photos of course).

So not goodbye at all, thankfully just Au Revoir. See you soon.