Blog posts about Flickr.Net

A couple of blogs I’ve found about people trying things with the Flickr.Net API recently…

## Flickr.Net and LINQ

LINQ is a new set of APIs from Microsoft for .Net Framework 2.0. It adds a load of really cool language extensions to both C# and VB.Net. Some of these extensions are taken from common dynamic languages like LISP and will really improve peoples productivity I think. Hopefully I’ll write up my review of LINQ from the developer day conference later.

This blog post ( talks about using LINQ with the Flickr.Net API – which apparently is being done now in a real live website which is built using Chrome(I think its an Object Pascal compiler for .Net).

## Flickr.Net and Avalon

The Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly know as Avalon) is used with Flickr.Net in this blog post (Pavan Podilia’s Blog) to create a fairly simple, but nice looking application.

## Flickr.Net and C#

A port of the PHP based Flickr Photo Finder into C# is the basis of this blog post: J Wynia.

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