Borland to release .Net Turbo tools

Borland is resurrecting the ‘Turbo’ brand of developer tools, with Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++ as well as Turbo Delphi for .Net, and Turbo C#.

There will be a free ‘fixed’ all-in-one version called Turbo Explorer.

I never had a great deal of experience with Delphi, although I was always slightly envious of the fact you could compile to a single executable with no dependancies, when VB had the dreaded ‘runtime components’ to install. I am interested to note the two .Net tools, which compile to .Net 1.1 compatible DLLs. Have they missed out here? Will there be an update to compile to .Net 2.0 soon? We shall have to see.

They will of course have fierce competition from the Visual Studio Express editions, especially in the .Net arena.

Borland to release new ‘Turbo’ developer tools

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