Photo Meta-editing for Windows

Microsoft have released a new tool, Microsoft Photo Info which looks very interesting! I’ll give it a go and report back.


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2 Replies to “Photo Meta-editing for Windows”

  1. Well, Im not too impressed. See my blog entry at!6AA39937A982345B!3121.entry for more info. Apparently it also does odd things with the EXIF data fields as well. Another user reported: “the MS Photo Info Tool appears to do some questionable things with the EXIF data when it writes it. After changing the EXIF date on a test picture, I compared the updated EXIF data with the original EXIF data using exiftool. The file that the MS Tool updated was missing a bunch of fields, and exiftool said that the maker notes were not where they should be. So, if it can’t write the data correctly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it can’t read it correctly either”.

  2. Call me a cynical old MCSE, but I have this approximate rule thingy: never trust the first release of any Microsoft Product. They usually get it more or less right in the end, but their first efforts are often *cough* flawed….

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