Handbags at dawn – Microsoft comes out fighting…

OK, so Microsoft have actually released a set of ‘laptop bags’. But I think they look like handbags.

Microsoft Laptop Bags

Not that this is a bad thing, they might be less likely to be nicked if they look less like laptop bags.

[via Shiny Shiny]

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  1. I really love how your delicious and comments buttons leak through to the RSS reader.

    Deperately need a new WP blog on my dada.com site. Would you please install it for me, with these kinds of bells and whistles? Or show me how to do it? I love the thing for feeds for comments, etc.

  2. They are – even in Bloglines? How’s that work then…?

    Otoh, don’t answer that. :))

    http://www.northernexposure.co.uk – you’re the first to see it, in it’s draft form. I thought about using the WP you put on bdada.com for MITWS, but think I’ll have to get some ftp to find out where it is. My details/settings/data etc were all on my laptop. Do you think you could possibly turn the installment on there to point at the domain? How easy would that be for a chap in the know?

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