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  1. Is there any way of making this work on WIN98? I know it’s old school, but I need it for an OLD laptop. It is like 120 MHZ. I am using it as a picture frame. Thanks.

  2. Best flickr screensaver !
    I have a memory problem after leaving it overnight, the msg says low in virtual mem and the screensaver has a white background with a red cross.

  3. Hi-

    Love the screen saver too. Unfortunately I get the same virtual memory error leaving it running overnight along with the same red cross on white background.

    Any fix for this?

    If it helps, it’s running on an old laptop with 256 MB of RAM and running Win 2000. I’ll try to increase the swap file size tonight and see if that makes a difference.


  4. Hiya-

    Yeah so increasing the swap file didn’t make any difference. Anything else we can try?


  5. I’ll be honest, I’ve no idea.

    I’ll see if I can get a chance to test it, but it seems to work fine on any system I’ve tested it on.

  6. Sam,

    Overall, wonderful job on the Flickr apps.

    Issue I’m consistently running into is that it appears the Proxy setup or the
    FlickrNET wrapper isn’t compatible with Microsoft’s Firewall Client
    for ISA server. Our company firewall setup uses a routing script for
    web browsers, so using the Screensaver’s default IE proxy isn’t working

    Trouble is, every other app I have *does* work, and I have a rather larger
    list of apps that can successfully pass through the firewall without

    I’m in the process of writing a Windows Forms app that functions
    as a bot for a group that I manage, and both with your .NET API
    wrapper and this screensaver, I have run into exactly the same problem-
    the Proxy just won’t let my data through.

    Big Wish: Document the .NET wrapper with a sprinkling of coded examples

    Big Thanks: Overall, for a useful set of tools… just guess I’m either
    thick or need better instructions. :-)

  7. Hello Sam and Everybody!

    Thank you for the screen saver I really like it. It’s working perfectly under Windows XP and Vista business too. I don’t have any problems with that!

    I have a question, we would like to show photos from the “Last 7 Days Interesting” (http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/) just from this, but it’s always changing. Is it possible to view pictures in your screen saver from this?

    Attila from Hungary

  8. Can’t download:

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/www/blacksway.net/wacky/download.php on line 21

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/blacksway.net/wacky/download.php:21) in /home/www/blacksway.net/wacky/download.php on line 22
    File ‘FlickerScreensaverSetup4.1.exe’ not found in database.

  9. Having the same problem as rdog and Bill. Running overnight on Vista, it says “out of memory” and shows a white background with red cross.

    If this is likely a system-specific issue, any suggestions on tracking it down?

  10. Pops up with a timeout message rather often. When wiresharking the problem it becomes obvious that the application also phones home.
    Is this documented anywhere? Not so nice. Removed it.

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