Flickr.Net Source Release 1.2

Well I’ve finally got around to releasing the next packaged version of the Flickr Source.

Download Latest Version.

It features lots of changes including:

* POST methods – meaning methods which change things now work
* LastRequest property details last url sent
* FlushCache to delete cache details, either entire or per url (used with above to delete last request)
* GetCachePictures – provides information about already downloaded images – then simply use DownloadPicture to get the data from the cache
* new methods, such as PhotosetsAddPhoto (I think I’ve got them all in here now, let me know if any are missing).
* CacheTimeout and CacheSizelimit variables for managing the cache in a bit more detail (CacheSizeLimit is in bytes, defaults to 50MB).

I’ll try and post some example code using the above at a later date, but for now I’m off to finish off the screensaver.