FlickrScreensaver feedback

“A gentleman put it together” – quoting Major Nelson in recent blogcast.

Yes, you heard right, Major Nelson (Xbox Live Director of Programming, Larry Hyrb) uses the Flickr Screensaver.

On that note I’m trying to get some feedback on the screensaver. I’m very near to doing a new release, with some interesting new features.

The number one requested feature is for a shorter time between pictures. Currently the minimum time between photos is 1 minute. I’m considering reducing this, to say 15 second intervals.

I have noted all feedback in the comments and its all been good.

Thoughts, or other comments welcome.

4 Replies to “FlickrScreensaver feedback”

  1. The screensaver is fantastic, I put it everywhere for everyone I know. Just wanted to say that before I list things I want to change about it.


    Error Handling: When the service isn’t available I get an error dialog and nothing. Maybe blank the screen and display that text?


    Time dependent: I’d like to be able to pull say sunrise pictures from 5am-7am, other pictures from 7am-5pm then sunset pictures from 5pm-to 7pm then night pictures from 7pm-5am. The ability to schedule different picture criteria would be awesome.

    Multiple picture types: I’d like to see say [mytag1] and [mytag2] and [set1] and [globaltag1] pictures all at once, instead of having to choose one.

  2. The big danger is selecting All photos is that you may get photos that are not safe for work and kids. How about a checkbox to filter out photos that have been marked a possibly offensive. Also, how about exception tags, a list of tags that will be skipped. This would be user configurable so I could include tags like ‘sex’ and ‘nude’ to filter out public photos that have not been marked as been possibly offensive.

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