7 Replies to “FlickrNet API Library – 2.1.4 Released”

  1. I want upload photos from my web application to flickr. I am using flickrnet dll. Is there any way to set return parameters in flickr url. I read some thing like extra parameters but did not find enough documentation. Can we do doing it using your flickr dll. How do I do it?
    I tried to store parameters using session & cookies but nothing really worked.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Not sure what you mean by ‘return parameter’. If you are uploading files in a web application it is all behind the scenes and there are no web redirects used.

  3. When I use the latest version of the FlickrNET API, I found the “Response.Redirect(auth_url);”
    is not exit. How do I do? Thanks

  4. I did not get this to be installed in VB.NET 2008 Express Edition. The code example does not work either. Could you please tell me how to install this.

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