Amen Corner – My Photo in Print

I’m pleased to announce that a photo I took a few years back was chosed to be the CD cover of american blue-grass band Railroad Earth (no, I hadn’t heard of them either). You can listen to most of the album on their web site if you want.

I’ve just received the pre-release CD and it’s great to see myself in print (and my name on the inside cover as well!)

Here’s a of shots of the finished work alongside the original:

Update: On the origins of my photo – I took the photo in Dec 2006. We actually have a street (or maybe its just the corner) called Amen Corner – it runs behind St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle (England).

The photo was taken during a winter festival called the Glow Festival that was run by the council – various light based art installations throughout Newcastle and Gateshead. This particular lamp had had its bulb changed to a red light – hence the colours in the photo.

I believe one of the band members found the photo on Flickr (see above link tot he original page) and suggested it to the rest of the band – and the rest as they say is history :)

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  1. That is a very nice photo. Railroad Earth has been our favorite band since late 2003. A very good bluegrass jam band, trying to make headway in the music business and having a good time making pleasing music for their fans (and themselves).

    Can you tell us a little about your photo? Why’d you take it in the first place, and where is it? And how did the band get ahold of it?

    Thanks alot!

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