About Me

## About Me

Who are you?

Name: Sam Judson, Age: 31, Location: Newcastle, UK.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about the interesting stuff?

I’m happily married thankyou!

Whats all this ‘Wackylabs’ stuff then

Its an anagram. Of another completely random word which I wont tell you. So ner!

So this web site is all about serious research then?

Don’t be daft – most of it is a complete and utter waste of space :)

In the other small parts I support the Flickr.Net API Library which I wrote, show you photographs of things you probably don’t want to see and talk about other things like programming and cheese.

Haven’t i seen you somewhere else?

You might have.

As you can see I get around – its there’s a samjudson out there then its probably me…

So what are you working on at the moment?

I’m taking a lot of photos. These can be seen on Flickr.

I’m currently technical editor for a book called Flickr Mashups. More info in this post here.

I’m also continuing to work on the Flickr.Net API Library, which I hope to soon move over to Codeplex.

Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, thats all I’m hearing!

Sorry, was that a question?

You mentioned climbing? As in Rock Climbing? Is that safe?

Not really. But it is great fun :) Check out my climbing photos on Flickr and on the NMC web site.
I have this really cool idea/really horrible problem. Can I contact you?

I suggest you go to the doctor and get a cream for you ‘problem’. Otherwise contact me email me at (sam AT wackylabs.net). I’m also occasionally on Skype as “samjudson” (suprise, suprise). Make sure to mention why you’re calling else I probably wont answer.

11 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Dear Sam,

    I really appreciate your work done on webservices. Specifically, on the file upload with the nuSOAP. You really helped me in webservices.


  2. I can’t download FlickrGalleryControls0.1.zip or see the demo webpage. Are they still around somewhere? Thanks – Mitch

  3. Hey Sam,
    I saw your post NuSOAP Web service example file. I need help with sending data in byte[] array. But zip file example you posted in throwing 404 error. can you please email those example.
    Your help is much appreciated.

  4. Hi Sam ,

    I read one of ur comments on P2P forums , regarding xsl string concatenation.

    I have a situation where , my xml looks like this :


    I need to build a string with those values in the nodes , that start with “0”.
    -ie- if my starting string is “Dreamer” , i need a final string which should look like this :

    Could you kindly help me out with this …

  5. i read your article about build wsdl file with php, but if we wand to add custom header to wsdl file how to do this with php??

    please help.
    thanks in advance

      1. Thanks
        but that is not what i want
        i pass a security token into header
        i want to write php server script to get this format in wsdl:



        1. Then the second part of my answer applies – I don’t know I’m afraid. I wrote the WSDL/PHP posts in 2004 – over 8 years ago, and I haven’t done any work in that area since.

  6. Hi Sam,

    I found your article under http://www.wackylabs.net/2006/06/getting-the-xmlenumattribute-value-for-an-enum-field/ very helpful.

    I also needed the opposite way so I would like to share this method with you too. Perhaps you can update your article with the code below:

    /// Convert string to enum considering XmlEnum attributes.
    /// When T is not an Enum.
    /// Typeof enum.
    /// The enum string.
    /// The enumValue.
    public static T ConvertStringToEnum(string enumValueString) where T : struct, IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible
    if (!typeof(T).IsEnum)
    throw new ArgumentException(“Generic Type must be a System.Enum”);

    bool enumValueFound = false;
    T enumValue = default(T);

    // try first to find enum value looking at the XmlEnum attribute
    foreach (FieldInfo info in typeof(T).GetFields())
    if (info.IsDefined(typeof(XmlEnumAttribute), false))
    object[] o = info.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(XmlEnumAttribute), false);
    XmlEnumAttribute att = (XmlEnumAttribute)o[0];

    if (att.Name == enumValueString)
    enumValue = (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T), info.Name);
    enumValueFound = true;

    // try now to find enumValue by looking at the EnumValues of T
    if (!enumValueFound)
    enumValue = (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T), enumValueString);

    return enumValue;

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