I have done quite a lot of work with Flickr. I am (at least at work) primarily a .Net developer so I wondered how hard it would be to create a wrapper library for Flickr in .Net.

First off, I looked around the internet for suitable libraries that already existed. There was one being run on the GotDotNet website that contained some code for uploading a photo, but nothing for general API calls.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I developed most of my API calls, then merged with the other .Net development team to create what is now the Flickr.Net API Library. [View Development Website]( “Flickr.Net Web Site”).

The first application I wrote to use the Flickr.Net library was the Flickr.Net Screensaver, a windows screensaver. For more details see the [Flickr.Net Screensaver Page](/flickr/flickr-screensaver).

A list of applications using the Flickr.Net library can be found over at [CodePlex](

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