I have done quite a lot of work with Flickr. I am (at least at work) primarily a .Net developer so I wondered how hard it would be to create a wrapper library for Flickr in .Net.

First off, I looked around the internet for suitable libraries that already existed. There was one being run on the GotDotNet website that contained some code for uploading a photo, but nothing for general API calls.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I developed most of my API calls, then merged with the other .Net development team to create what is now the Flickr.Net API Library. [View Development Website]( “Flickr.Net Web Site”).

The first application I wrote to use the Flickr.Net library was the Flickr.Net Screensaver, a windows screensaver. For more details see the [Flickr.Net Screensaver Page](/flickr/flickr-screensaver).

A list of applications using the Flickr.Net library can be found over at [CodePlex](

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  1. Hi,

    I am new for flicker API. and I am using dll. its woking on my local host but not on developer environment.

    But In local system I am getting photosetcollection, and I am using Medium url for image source like below:
    But on browser it shows.

    “Image and video is currently unavailable”

    Could you please help me, how to resolve issue on my local as well as on server. On dev server I am not getting collection, but in local I am able.
    Please not that now flicker is using ssl, secured protocol, is it the reason behind the issue.


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