Distributed Computing

I read [Eric Sink’s](http://software.ericsink.com/index.html) blog, cause I find what he writes to be slightly humourous and technically interesting (a good combination in my mind). I do actually use the [SourceGear Vault](http://www.sourcegear.com/vault/index.html) client, for the [Flickr.Net API Library](http://www.wackylabs.net/flickr/flickr-api/) for which we got it free (as its an open source application). I don’t consider I’ve used it ‘in anger’ enough to compare it to Visual Source Safe, although pretty much anything must be better than source safe :)

But then I see his latest post, about hiring a guy from Northern Ireland called [Martin Woodward](http://software.ericsink.com/entries/Welcome_Martin_Woodward.html). Well, turns out I know [Martin](http://www.woodwardweb.com/), cause he used to work here in Newcastle, and he left to move to Northern Ireland, where my wife is also from. He’s going to be telecommuting, all the way to Illinois in the states!

And to quote one of my collegues on hearing the news “We can’t even coordinate a project between two rooms, never mind between NI and Illinois!”, but I wish them the best luck and will keep an eye on their progress.

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  1. Thanks! So far things working out ok, but we will be launching version 1 of Teamprise soon so I’ll let you know how things are going after we release :-)

    Small world on the internet ain’t it?

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