FlickrNation Podcast

I’d just like to thank [Thomas Hawk]( who has recently started a new podcast called [FlickrNation]( Its up to its 3rd episode so far and I just got some serious pimpage. I must say I really get a huge ego boost out of this kinda thing (I must be slightly shallow I guess :) ).

He mentions my new [Delete Me Resurrection]( blog, plus the wonderful (but sometimes hard going) [Entrance To Hell]( group.

He’s also got other stuff about things that are happening in the Flickr community, such as the debate that seems to be going on about none photos uploaded to Flickr and their place in the community. Personally I think the lines drawn between ‘art’ and ‘photography’ can be so grey an area I don’t see how you can enforce the distinction.

I also spotted a great Wikipedia article that was article of the day yesterday, about the [Canon T90](, the last manual focus that Canon produced before they moved on to the EOS range (disclaimer: I have 3 Canon cameras, an Powershot A70 P&S, the EOS 350D digital SLR, and my newest toy, a EOS 300V film camera for messing about old stylee with).