Winter Festival 2006 – Glow Trail

After last years rather interesting ‘Fire’ themed winter festival in Newcastle/Gateshead, this year the theme was ‘Glow’. Well on Saturday night we finally managed to get out and wander around following the ‘Glow Trail’.

I have to say I love it when these kind of things are on. There was a wonderful atmosphere, with whole families and groups of people wandering around Newcastle, intermingled with photographers with tripods and the usual christmas party goers. You wander around, looking up and down, searching out for the next ‘purple’ bit to be seen. Also, the highlight was the Vampire Rabbit, a strange gargoyle, hidden above a door on a back street of Newcastle which was finally given its rightful time in the spotlight (literally).

The trail itself didn’t progress into Gateshead, covering just the area from the Castle, down to the Quayside and along to the Law Courts, but there where other sites, including Saltwell Towers which had exhibitions (or simply nicely lit buildings) that I would have liked to have investigated.

One of the wonderful bits was the opportunity to climb up inside one of the supports of the Tyne Bridge. The art installation was called ‘The White Night’ and was hard to spot unless you had the brochure in hand (which we didn’t, so thanks to Caroline for noticing it!). A few of the photos above are taken inside it. As you stood there you could hear the cars going over the bridge far above.

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