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  1. Nice screensaver. I’ve got a spare workstation that I use only occasionally throughout the day and this has made for a nice, lightweight screensaver. Thanks.

  2. My only request for the next version of this (should you continue to work on it) would be allowing the ‘postcard’ style display to randomly ‘toss’ photos across the desktop (not just in the center) and leave the last 8-10 photos on there at a time so that it gradually fills most of the screen and is constantly changing.

  3. Great work. Love the screensaver.

    Is there a way to run it from the command line using the settings I setup via the Windows screensaver dialog? I can run it from the command line now, but it shows me random photos from everyone, not mine (which is how it’s set up via the Windows screensaver dialog).


    – Jeff

  4. Use the following command line options: /c – configure, /s – run screensaver.

    It should use the same settings, but if not try it and see if it runs the /c settings.

  5. Hi love the screen saver just what i’m looking for, only problem is it doesnt run automatically with the correct settings, if I click preview it runs fine showing my photos which is how i’ve set it up. But when it runs automaticaly it shows random images.
    Im guessing its the same thing JSonnabend is asking above but I dont understand command lines etc.

    Dont know if it makes a difference but im using Vista

  6. Hi,
    the flickr.net screensaver is a really great app! I like it and I appreciate your work on it!

    But there are errors since the last weekend, I get HTTP 403 errors and the screensaver crashes immediately (on all the PC’s with this screensaver).
    I’ve tried to reauthenticate with flickr, but there was also an instant crash. The permission on my flickr account for the screensaver seems to be ok, it is set to “read”.
    I wonder if the flickr-API has been changed?
    Is there a way to get this great app back?


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