Flickr Screensaver v3

After what seems like an age I’ve finally ‘finished’ updating the Flickr Screensaver.

Update: Download latest version.

Most of the work is in the background – involving rewriting the Flickr.Net API library to incorporate caching. Improved error handling also means it is less prone to crash.

Some things I’ve done based on comments and feedback:

  • Add ability to use a users favorites as the picture source.
  • Randomly moved the Flickr logo around the screen to stop monitor burn
  • Change the minimum time between image changes to 30 seconds
  • Cacheing of picture data and api calls

I urge everyone to update!

(p.s. If anyone has multiple monitors and would like to help me get it working properly then let me know, as I don’t have two monitors to test on…)

I expect to add more ‘image manipulation’ options, such as resizing, tiling, random positioning, maybe even transitions in time for version 4.

Download latest version above.

As always, comments welcome.

Update: For those wondering who this Brian chap is – its randomseattle, except he’s changed his screenname!

19 Replies to “Flickr Screensaver v3”

  1. Sure, I can help test – when I’m booted to windows. I do have dual monitors set up, and I did see the problems with v2 (haven’t looked at the v3 yet).

  2. The biggest issue for me is still the fact that a “image not found” error is not caught, and causes the whole program to stop at a “continue”/”quit” screen”.

    And chance of silently ignoring such errors?

  3. Great job, like this very much. One thing missing is a way to select landscape pictures only.

    Where is your paypal button?

  4. Love the screensaver. Unforunately, it has just begun to fail with an error message that the API license has expired.

  5. I am also getting the key expiration error. I do not see the resolution posted here?

  6. My key has been expired (due to excessive use!) so I’ve applied for a new one. I’ll post when I have a new version available. (See top of article for updates or subscribe to RSS feed).

  7. I am not even receiving any error message at all. when I click “settings” in the screen saver window, nothing happens. when I click “preview”, also, nothing happens. tried both of these with my other screen savers and all is well with them. anyone else experiencing this sort of problem?

    is there an older version (1 or 2?) that I can use for now? I am SO ANXIOUS to try this out… :)

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