Users of the Flickr.Net API

We’ve just had a few people release software which uses the Flickr.Net API Library – hurray!

If you have an application that uses the Flickr.Net API Library let me know and I’ll list it here. Need help with testing, need a new feature or any other feedback then let me know.

Flickr Papr

mikecpeck‘s application Flickr Papr that creates wallpaper collages of images on Flickr is live again.

Find it here:


Want to copy stuff from your windows clipboard straight to Flickr. Look no further that stevex‘s Clipr application.

Find it here:
Discuss it here:


Regularaly change your dekstop wallpaper to an image from Flickr using this .Net application. Unfortunately it currently requires the .Net Framework 2.0 beta – although a 1.1 version is in the pipeline.

Download and Discuss:


Update: Glimmr is a simple Flickr Uploader for the GNOME desktop. It uses the Flickr.Net together with Mono/C#! Amazing!


Flickr Screensaver 3.2

Finally – a new version.

My web hosting has been down for a while so I haven’t been bale to post for while.

New Feature:

Authorization: enter your email address and password to give access to private groups and images.
Contacts: display the last 50 (API limit I’m afraid) photos from your contact.
Description: display the title and user at the bottom of the screen for each image.

It shoudn’t crash when my web server goes down in the future (if anyone has been having that problem I apologise).

[Download File](/flickr/flickr-screensaver)