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  1. MMmm – yeah, if you upgrade thats the default – the minimum is 1 minute though, so just change it… New installs it should default to 1 minute.

    Sorry about that… and the fact the screensaver has been crashing due to my hosting being down! I’ll get a new version out soon which wont have that problem…

  2. This is great – thanks. I was just setting to writing my own in Java when I thought “I’ll just check if anyone else…”. Cheers!

    Some feedback (ie whineing) – it only seems to pick up my most recent X photos (where X is around 100).

    Features request: a delay of more like 10s, slow fade transition, gradual zoom in or out while displaying

    Again – many thanks

  3. I’ve had discussions with the Flickr folks over the time between photos. 1 minute as a minimum is my best offer at the moment, due to trying to be nice (and not overworking the api).

    It does indeed only look at your most recent 100 photos. This is the maximum I can pull down in one go and its quite hard to add two lists of photos together so i just stuck to the one list.

    As for transitions – a lot of work would be required for this kind of stuff – but its something I have been considering attempting. No promises however.

    Feel free to add more suggestions or comments.

  4. What copyright issues?

    They gave me the logo personally so I don’t feel an issue with that.

    As for the image copyright – I think it was agreed that I am simply caching them in the same way as anyone using a web browser, therefore it should be fine.

    Do you think there are other issues that need to be addressed?

  5. Yes, but it’s not really your fault at this point. It’s the fault of Flickr’s completely vague Terms of Service. If not for that, it would be a big problem. I’m able to display for my own entertainment other people’s copyrighted photos without permission or even attribution. A pain-as-day copyright violation. Not clear who would be the guilty party, but I would guess you and/or flickr, rather than me, the user of your cool app.

  6. First, many thanks for making this. Wish there was an easy way to aggregate photos from my contacts… maybe a different RSS feed?

    Would you consider moving the flickr logo around, even if just to different corners? Having it sit in the same spot all the time seems antithetical to the concept of a screen saver… I’d like to use this for my HDTV but I’m not comfortable leaving it on for long with that logo sitting there.

  7. Some probs with win2000?
    The SS doesn’t work, sometime he say “An error has accured”.
    I couldn’t choose the preferences.

    What do i wrong?

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