Badger Rock Bouldering

Well, we took my new bouldering mat out for its first test drive, on holiday in the Lakes and inspired by walking past the Badger Rock boulder near Kentmere last time we where in the Lakes we set off for a day of bouldering.

This turned up a number of facts:

1) Badger Rock is flippin massive – at least to me it was. Almost all of the problems could be classified as highball in my opinion.
2) The landings at Badger Rock are really bad – not sharp, but on about 45 degree angles, meaning you might land on the mat but then roll half way down the hill – thats if the mat will stay still long enough and not slide itself!
3) Either the grades in that Topo are really hard or I can’t boulder for toffee (more on this later but I think its the later)

Anyway, we kept going for a bit, managed about 1 V0 problem (problem 20), chickened out on the crack on the north face (problem 19 – an easy!)

Complete washout!
Check out Lakes Bloc for topo guide.

2 Replies to “Badger Rock Bouldering”

  1. Hi cheers for the link to my site.
    Sounds like you had a really bad time when you to went Kentmere, hope the guide was ok?

    I think you are over dramatising the severity of the landings at Badger rock! Maybe its down to perspective? People have been climbing there for years without pads so it can’t be to bad.

    Cheers Greg

  2. Yeah, you’re probably right – this was my first time bouldering outside – I wasn’t mentally prepared in the slightest!

    If I ever get better I’ll definately go back.

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