Users of the Flickr.Net API

We’ve just had a few people release software which uses the Flickr.Net API Library – hurray!

If you have an application that uses the Flickr.Net API Library let me know and I’ll list it here. Need help with testing, need a new feature or any other feedback then let me know.

Flickr Papr

mikecpeck‘s application Flickr Papr that creates wallpaper collages of images on Flickr is live again.

Find it here:


Want to copy stuff from your windows clipboard straight to Flickr. Look no further that stevex‘s Clipr application.

Find it here:
Discuss it here:


Regularaly change your dekstop wallpaper to an image from Flickr using this .Net application. Unfortunately it currently requires the .Net Framework 2.0 beta – although a 1.1 version is in the pipeline.

Download and Discuss:


Update: Glimmr is a simple Flickr Uploader for the GNOME desktop. It uses the Flickr.Net together with Mono/C#! Amazing!


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