Trackback Translation needed…

I get various trackbacks for the Flickr Screensaver posts. but quite a few seem to be almost identical posts on different web site.

Unfortunately they are in Chinese (or japanese, I don’t even know the difference!).

So if anyone would like to translate this page and let me know what it says I’d be grateful… (Lazyweb anyone?)

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  1. Yes, Babelfish is usually the best way of translating stuff on the web – and it doesn’t seem to do too bad a job on this one.

    And yes it’s Chinese (traditional according to Babelfish) – the Ni Hao graphic gave it away, but then my computer isn’t rendering non-western characters properly at the moment. And I assume the c in csdn stands for China.

  2. A rough translation, my additions, explanations, whatevers in []:

    Flickr is so popular, not just practical but also amusing. If you don’t use Flickr, I, Poseshow, will show you how, but you must guarantee not to become addicted!

    1. Study Foreign Languages

    Everybody takes notice of greetings in Flickr, with compliments “you are good” in many different languages. At school you may have spoken one foreign language, but if you don’t know what
    language [the compliment] is in, you can use Google [can’t translate last phrase, something about good Chinese] :)

    2. Share Pictures

    The flickr badge can be used to output your photos on a blog or homepage. We can choose the picture size, quantity, arrangement and can even choose Flash output.

    3. Send to Blog

    This function enables Flickr to send photos directly to a diary page on your own blog, using HTML. I like the function and use it frequently.

    4. Write a note.

    Takes this Windows to meet Dashboard is the example, originally plans each same Widget truncation chart, might think of Flickr Add Note suddenly, thereupon the matter changed extremely simply.

    5.Spell with flickr

    Puts together a word with the Flickr pictures of letters instead of what you read, have a look Poseshow’s new logo.

    6. Seach for pictures by colour.

    For details see btsb flickr.

    7. Send Greeting Cards

    delivr provides lets us use flickr pictures to make postcards for sending to a friend, it is a pity does that it does not support Chinese.

    8. uses Tags the way to glance over the picture Flickr Tag Browser give us this new kind of browsing picture experience.

    9. Examine the Flickr relationship network

    Looks for friends with Flickr Graph friend’s friend… Who can it be :)

    10. Make Photo Albums

    Flickr Album Maker helps us to organize the Flickr pictures in a photo album and share with a friend, a different feeling.

    11. Use a Photo for a Homepage

    If you click on flickReplacr as the bookmark tool, the writing which selects a page can be replaced with a corresponding picture from Flickr.

    12. Grade Photos

    flickRate is this kind of tool, a way to [don’t understand the last phrase]

    13. Kaleidoscopes

    Kaleidoscope Screensaver turns Flickr into a kaleidoscope, guaranteed to make your eyesight bad.

    14. Screens Protections

    Flickr Screensaver is one way to use Flickr as the screen saver, but don’t know why it isn’t easy to use on my machine :(

    15. Play the Game

    For details sees the small Flickr game that [norasun] wrote.

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