Enough to make you cry

I’m not really an emotional person in real life, I bottle things up and ignore stuff rather than face things that might make me sad, a form of self defence no doubt.

But sometime, for no apparent reason something will just cause a tear or two to well up in my eyes, touching something deep within. Flickr has provided me with three of these occasions so far, pictures, usually with words, which have touched me for various reasons.

The first, and most recent is from Special. I suggest you go to Flickr and read the description. There are many things bad about the internet, but it does provide a certain amount of outlet for so many people – you can say things to no-one that you could never say to anyone.

Originally uploaded by Special.

The second wasn’t so much the picture, but the text that went with it. Although the picture and caption tell a story in themselves.

Please don't Crush Me
Please don’t Crush Me
Originally uploaded by !efatima.

The third one (or first taken in chronological order) was just one of those photos, I just stared for a while, the look in the eyes speaking volumes. The vulnerability, trying to hide behind the cushion, but the camera seeing all.

Of Me Looking Back
Of Me Looking Back
Originally uploaded by Shooz.

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