Nullable Value Types in C#

One of the smaller, but more useful features in the new .Net 2.0 was going to be Nullable Value types. Basically allowing you to have a null int will make conversations with databases, most of which allow any field to be null, to be much, much easier.

Well, what I wasn’t aware of was there where some limitation in the implementation of this feature, but apparently these limitations have been fixed at the 11th hour by Microsoft based on customer feedback. The feature now works the way it should.

I can’t help but be amazed by this, the ‘new’ microsoft. There have been quite a few instances of feature requests and ‘bugs’ spotted by developers and entered in their [‘Ladybug’ feedback centre]( that Microsoft have really taken notice of and done something about. The other one that springs to mind is the new icons and graphic library to be included in Visual Studio to make it easier to create applications with the latest ‘xp’ look and feel.

Check out the below article for the full scoop on nullable types.