Wanted: Photos of art

I’m after photos of this art installation, part of the British Art Show 6, showing all over Newcastle/Gateshead during the end of this year.

> Mark Titchner
> Byker Bridge
> Friday 16 September – Tuesday 11 October
> Gallowgate Car Park
> Friday 16 September – Monday 10 October
> Forth Street/Railway Street (* I’m gonna get this one this lunchtime)
> Friday 16 September – Tuesday 11 October
> City Road, Manors Station
> Friday 16 September – Friday 14 October

> Mark Titchner has produced a series of billboard posters at sites across Newcastle. The designs are based on requests made to local authorities by the public which he has translated through the occult system of sigilisation, invented a century ago by the artist and magus Austin Osman Spare.

For more details on whats happening check out the [hayward website](http://www.hayward.org.uk/britishartshow6/), the [baltic website](http://www.balticmill.com/html/viebas.html) and the [locator website](http://www.locatorart.org/) (contemporary art in newcastle/gateshead locator).

Update: found two (no three!) of them.

Gallowgate Car Park

Railway Street/Forth Banks

They are weirder looking than I expected. Anyone wanna get the Byker bridge on for me?