Sea of Chairs

Sea of Chairs

Sea of Chairs, originally uploaded by aqui-ali.

I’ve started up a new blog, which I call Delete Me Resurrection. I’m going to be using it to highlight some of the photos which have failed to be ‘saved’ by the various voting groups on Flickr which I actually like.

So why you ask have I selected the above photo of some green chairs to show you here. Well, firstly it was deleted out of the original Delete Me group. But thats not why I’m showing it you, no.

I decided I didn’t like it enough to resurrect it.

Thats still not why I’m showing it you.

Its because it used to appear on the ‘interesting’ page along side my own ‘most intersting’ photo for March 4th 2005. Infact there used to be two photos on the same theme above my own photo.

And I came across it while I was researching for the blog using the ‘interestingness’ of the ‘deleteme10’ tag.

I thought that was interesting :)

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