WinFx RC1 released

Tim Sneath : Windows Vista RC1 – Tools Ready…

Well a few days ago WinFX (sorry, NetFx 3.0) RC1 (release candidate 1) was released to the world at large. We had to wait a few days for all the tools to be released as well, but now they are here.

So thats Expression Interactive Designer, and the Visual Studio support (“Orcas”) now released as well.

I’ve started work on trying to use these tools with the FlickrNet API Library, but there is a huge learning curve.

I’ve just finished reading Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths book on the WPF, which while it is based on earlier Beta code is still a very good introduction to the subject matter – and gets your mind around most of the concepts that you need to grasp to get going.

Its only a light book, meant to cover the topics only briefly. Advanced topics like 3D etc aren’t covered much but I found the text very easy to understand, and it seems that most of the stuff still seems to work (although check Chris’s website above as he has a page on ‘things that have changed’).

The other book on the subject is The “Application = Code + Markup” book from Charles Petzold which seems to be getting very good reviews.

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