Flickr .Net Screensaver

After much deliberation I’ve finally decided to move the development of the Flickr Screensaver over to the Codeplex web site. This means that if you’re really sad you can now see the source code for the screensaver.

Also, if you have any problems with it that’s the best place to post a bug report or feature request.

Currently, its the same version that downloadable from here, but once its a new version I’ll change the link on this web site to point to the Codeplex web site instead.

Flickr .Net Screensaver

2 Replies to “Flickr .Net Screensaver”

  1. Just curious… is there a way or maybe a little fix for when the computer runs out of virtual memory? It seems that the computer I use runs out of virtual memory if I leave the screensaver running long enough. Besides upping my virtual memory, I can’t think of any other ways.

  2. Is that still happening? Damn, I thought I’d sorted that.

    I’m assuming I’ve got a bug somewhere, where I’m not releasing some graphics resources somewhere, but to be honest I’m not sure.

    As I say, I’m moving the screensaver over to Codeplex, so I’ll raise a issue over there and see if I can track it down. Its also a hard thing to monitor…

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