Big Bug in Flickr Screensaver


I’ve just been informed of a fairly large bug in the uninstaller for the latest Flickr Screensaver.

Basically if you uninstall it it will try and delete your WindowsSystem32 directory.

Obviously that is VERY BAD. I apologise. I’ve deleted the installer from the web site, but anyone who has the latest version of the screensaver should not uninstall it.


5 Replies to “Big Bug in Flickr Screensaver”

  1. I guess it depends on whether you stipulated that the uninstaller uninstalled only the screensaver. Otherwise, all sounds fair enough to me. Recurse up a couple of directories in the next version. Comprehensive.

  2. I had it set to delete the installation directory – unfortunately I then changed the installation directory to be the system32 directory.

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