Entrances to Hell


Originally uploaded by Shooz.

I’m a co-admin of a wonderful group on Flickr that tries to contain only entrances to the underworld domain of hell. (Being an admin isn’t all fun – I have to delete some pictures that don’t seem to have anything to do with entrances, or hell for that matter!)

Well we’ve now been FlickrBlogged, a term which means we’ve been mentioned on the Flickr Blog website (and usually meaning hits go sky high!).

Such is the life of fame (I have previously been FlickrBlogged for my screensaver!)

One Reply to “Entrances to Hell”

  1. But you do such a superb job of preserving the hellishness of the place, that kudos is well deserved. And I laughed at my description the other day, too. My oh my, I can be funny sometimes. Celery? :)

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