The New Doctor Who

The New Doctor Who

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I have to say, I very much like the new look for Doctor Who. “Geek Chic” its called apparently.

I’m not really that much of a Doctor Who ‘fan’ (I don’t own a single book, tape, cd, video or dvd) but I did watch them as a kid and have a great amount of nostalgic feeling for the programme. The last series really kicked some serious butt at various points and was incredible good to watch. I also liked reading these reviews from a local lad who seems to like footnotes[1]. I wonder what he thinks of the new look?

Caroline (the wife) is still not very sure about this new guy, but she’s a little biased as she thought Christopher Eccleston was a bit “Fwwarrr” (her words, not mine).

ANyway, more photos on the Doctor Who website (which doesn’t seem to work in Firefox!) or jump straight to the latest news (which does work in Firefox).

[1] I don’t know why but I think its contagious.

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