Wanted: Photos of art

I’m after photos of this art installation, part of the British Art Show 6, showing all over Newcastle/Gateshead during the end of this year.

> Mark Titchner
> Byker Bridge
> Friday 16 September – Tuesday 11 October
> Gallowgate Car Park
> Friday 16 September – Monday 10 October
> Forth Street/Railway Street (* I’m gonna get this one this lunchtime)
> Friday 16 September – Tuesday 11 October
> City Road, Manors Station
> Friday 16 September – Friday 14 October

> Mark Titchner has produced a series of billboard posters at sites across Newcastle. The designs are based on requests made to local authorities by the public which he has translated through the occult system of sigilisation, invented a century ago by the artist and magus Austin Osman Spare.

For more details on whats happening check out the [hayward website](http://www.hayward.org.uk/britishartshow6/), the [baltic website](http://www.balticmill.com/html/viebas.html) and the [locator website](http://www.locatorart.org/) (contemporary art in newcastle/gateshead locator).

Update: found two (no three!) of them.

Gallowgate Car Park

Railway Street/Forth Banks

They are weirder looking than I expected. Anyone wanna get the Byker bridge on for me?

Wind Power!

Wind Power!

Wind Power!, originally uploaded by Sam Judson.

Had an amazing, if tiring time on Saturday.

Got up at 4:45am and headed off to Tynemouth Priory to take photos of the sunrise. Turned out the sunrise was a bit on the boring side, but lots of other things made it a very enjoyable experience.

This shot is from Blyth quayside, which appears to have been redeveloped for the recent Tall Ships Race 2005.

Flickr Screensaver 4.0

Finally, its here!

Flickr Screensaver version 4.0

Loads of brand new features

* it now uses the new authentication methods
* image refresh times in 15second intervals (0.25mins)
* new ‘postcard’ optional format (actually just coloured border) with optional rotating of image
* enhanced enlarging of small images to fill the screen (Fill Screen checkbox on options page)
* optional Proxy configuration
* See most recently shown image and link back to Flickr from screensaver config screen

[Download](/flickr/flickr-screensaver “Flickr Screensaver Download Page”)

Flickr.Net Gallery Web Control

I’ve been working on some .Net web controls to place Flickr album-like controls on ASP.Net web pages. This is my first proper release of the code to let anyone who is interested play along. You’ll need a copy of [Flickr.Net API](http://www.wackylabs.net/flickr/flickr-api/) and the following visual studio project (which includes a debug .DLL).


You can see a example page on [this](http://dotnet.wackylabs.net/AlbumTest.aspx) web page.

To use, include the dll in your project, and add to your toolbar, then drag and drop onto the web form and change the properties in the property viewer.

Optionally include the following in your HTML page if doing it manually.

At the top register the control:

< %@ Register TagPrefix="cc1" Namespace="FlickrGalleryControls" Assembly="FlickrGalleryControls" %>

Then put the following wherever on the page you require the control:

As you can see I’ve set some of the properties of the album control here, but most are optional.

Let me know what you think.

Update: Fixed the download link above.

Flickr.Net Library Source Code Release 1.4.1 (Updated)

Its here!

The next version of the source code now fully supports the new Authentication methods (the older method is no longer supported).

[Download Latest Source](/flickr/flickr-api).

It features lots of changes including:

* AuthGetFrob()
* AuthCalUrl()
* AuthCalcWebUrl() – Often better to use the short url provided by Flickr
* AuthGetToken()
* AuthCheckToken()
* Constructors now take up to 3 parameters, Api Key, Shared Secret and Api Token.
* Support for .config configuration of api key, caching settings and web proxy.

See the Flickr Api page for more details.

Update: minor bug spotted which affects all methods with parameters that can take spaces in them (e..g people.findByUsername where username has a space in it). The signature generation was including the URL encoded version, rather than the original and hence was incorrect. I’ve also added a couple of extra properties, ApiKey, ApiSecret and ApiToken for getting/setting the relevant properties of the Flickr object. V1.4.1 has therefore been released.