FlickrNet moves to CodePlex

The FlickrNet API Library has a new home, on CodePlex, the new open source hosting platform from Microsoft. I made this decision to try to bring together source code, release files, discussion and documentation into one place, rather than the current situation where it is on two or three different web sites.

The site feature Discussion Boards, Releases, Source Code and Wiki support.

To go with the move I’ve also made a new release, 2.0.4 which contains methods for supporting adding/editing comments on photos and photosets. There is also experimental support for 23HQ and Zooomr.

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Flickr Mashups book

Flickr Mashups Book

I thought I’d mention that I’m currently working as Technical Reviewer for a new book from Wrox about writing Flickr Mashups. To quote:

  • Using mashup technologies including REST, Ajax, JSON, SOAP, XML-RPC, CSS and more

  • Using Flickr API Objects such as Interestingness, Tags, Sets, Groups and others
  • Remixing Flickr with Flickr feeds
  • Remixing using the API
  • Greasemonkey hacks for Flickr
  • Geotagging mashups with maps

So far it looks like its going to be a really good book, and I must congratulate David Wilkinson on his very hard work. David is Operations Manager on the UTATA project/group on Flickr. He also has a photolog and a set of cool Flickr toys (I’d particularly recommend the ‘set manager’).

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Flickr.Net API Library – 2.0.3

Just released some bug fixes, plus adding a few more supported methods and parameters to the code.

There are two undocumented features included in this release – the Photo.RawTags return by various search methods, and the TagMode.Boolean search tag mode (boolnea tags take the form of “+findme -notme” – I’ve yet to find a way of including OR searches in boolean tag searches).

[Download and Release Notes](

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Sample Flickr.Net API Applications

Well I finally got around to writing some Flickr.Net API Library sample applications.

The sample (in both C# and VB.Net) consists of a number of forms, each of which illustrates a seperate task. I’ve an article to go with the sample app but you’ll have to wait for that.

Download from Channel9

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Blog posts about Flickr.Net

A couple of blogs I’ve found about people trying things with the Flickr.Net API recently…

## Flickr.Net and LINQ

LINQ is a new set of APIs from Microsoft for .Net Framework 2.0. It adds a load of really cool language extensions to both C# and VB.Net. Some of these extensions are taken from common dynamic languages like LISP and will really improve peoples productivity I think. Hopefully I’ll write up my review of LINQ from the developer day conference later.

This blog post ( talks about using LINQ with the Flickr.Net API – which apparently is being done now in a real live website which is built using Chrome(I think its an Object Pascal compiler for .Net).

## Flickr.Net and Avalon

The Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly know as Avalon) is used with Flickr.Net in this blog post (Pavan Podilia’s Blog) to create a fairly simple, but nice looking application.

## Flickr.Net and C#

A port of the PHP based Flickr Photo Finder into C# is the basis of this blog post: J Wynia.

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Flickr.Net API Library – 2.0.1

Just some bug fixes, plus adding a few more supported methods and parameters to the code. I also finished the code comments, so intellisense should now show up something for each method at least.

[Download and Release Notes](

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Robert Burke – Flickr Assistance

Just a quick post to introduce another application which is using the Flickr.Net API Library.

Rob Burke has been helping me for a while with various problems we where having with the code, most specifically the Medium Trust stuff, so a big thanks to him. He’s also developed what could be a very useful little tool for helping to sync a local copy of images against Flickr. I’ve yet to give it a try, but there is certainly a need for this kind of tool.

Robert Burke’s Weblog : Introducing Little Syncr