One Reply to “PHP developer leaves with style.”

  1. Hello there fellow Sam.

    I approve of the Wackylabs concept – just how wacky are you guys? I’ve tended to find programmer types (of which I claim to be one, partially) somewhat staid in the outlook, could be wrong though!

    Anyway, to my purpose! I am on a quest to track down every Sam on the internet and get them competing head-to-head gladitorially for kudos.

    I’ve set up a Sam-tracking top-sites type thing you may or may not be interested in. Swing by my site ( for more information – it’s no scam, just some fun.

    Essentially I’m aiming to recruit as many Sams from the internet as possible for a showdown of some kind. We’re an interesting bunch, and it’s worth celebrating that fact.

    Hope all is well. Yes, I know it’s a little weird, but I find the unusual to be interesting.

    Best regards


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