Kenya Update

I’ve got a friend, Paul Waugh, who works in IT for MAF in Kenya. He’s been sending out email updates, and I’ve decided to repost them here (partially prompted by this post).

Dear all,

The opposition have announced that there will be no more street protests after Friday (yesterday). They say “These last three days have been very painful and we have seen a lot of needless deaths and suffering … but today is the last day of the protests and we are now going to move on” .

We give praise to God that at last, the normal person in the street can get on with building his life up again. We look forward to the two leaders meeting face to face with Kofi Annan and his team.

We have just heard by text message that things are very bad in one area of Kibera, and a pastor’s family there are requesting prayer.

Pray for law and order -there are many stories of criminals using the political situation as an excuse to loot and burn. They burn one section, and when neighbours rush to help they loot the empty houses.

Pray for Kenya for Peace and reconciliation

Pray for the Families that have been devastated by the last few weeks , many of them so poor that they were already barely making ends meet.

Pray that God move in the hearts of the two leaders as they meet , and that they will have good advisers.

Thank God for the good stories of neighbours harbouring and helping their neighbours, sometimes of different tribes. Many have donated food to complete strangers, churches in Nairobi have taken collections to help the displaced people.

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