Flickr .Net Screensaver

After much deliberation I’ve finally decided to move the development of the Flickr Screensaver over to the Codeplex web site. This means that if you’re really sad you can now see the source code for the screensaver.

Also, if you have any problems with it that’s the best place to post a bug report or feature request.

Currently, its the same version that downloadable from here, but once its a new version I’ll change the link on this web site to point to the Codeplex web site instead.

Flickr .Net Screensaver

Flickr.Net included in Mono source

Thanks to Nick (heatxsink) the Flickr.Net source code in now included in the latest Mono source code. That means anyone using the latest version of mono will be able to use the Flickr.Net library to interogate Flickr.

Wow, its a bit like being included in the .Net Framework – feels weird.

In Mono its known as flickr-sharp.

Browse the mono source code repository

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Flickr Mashups Book

Beginning Flickr Mashups, the book I worked on as Technical Editor last year is finally available for publishing. It covers a wide variety of Flickr Mashups including mixing Flickr with RSS, Technorati and Google Maps. Most of the code uses PHP and HTML/Javascript with a bit of Perl for command line tools.

I’ve not got myself a copy yet, but its on order. Technical editors don’t seem to get free ones :)

And David Wilkinson is every technical editors dream writer – almost all of his code examples worked first go and he had a very thorough understanding of what he was trying to do, so my thanks go to him. Dave’s Flickr Photos.

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Flickr Uploadr for Mobile Devices

OK, I’ve written a Flickr Uploader using the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 (SP1).

I don’t actually have a pocket PC or similar device so if you have any success, or problems then let me know.

You can download the redistributable for the CF here.

Copy the Cab file to your mobile device and then double click it in the File Explorer.

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Flickr.Net API – Example Web Site

I’ve created a quick example Flickr.Net web site in Visual Studio 2005, for both VB.Net and C#.

There is a simple page that performs authentication, and stores the resulting authentication details in the session variables.

There is also a very simple photo album, showing the latest 20 photos from your photo stream.

The sample has been uploaded the the ‘Examples” page of the FlickrNet Wiki on CodePlex.

Any questions then let me know.

Link to FlickrNet API Examples Page 

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FlickrNet API Library updates

 I’ve done a batch of bug fixes and updates to the FlickrNet API library, including Photos.DateAdded which tells you when a photo was added to a group, and the PhotosRecentlyUpdated method which details your recently updated photos.

Download from Codeplex

I’ll roll up a release in a week or so if there are no more changes before then.